16 cups of coffee and 4 red bulls = Amazon Login + Insights + Login Buttons


After a week of hard working, our team has discovered a wonderful regularity, 16 cups of coffee and 4 red bulls equal:


Amazon Login

Now your customers can easily log-in using their Amazon account to your Shopify store! No need to remember passwords, just one-click and you are logged in.
Would you like to try it? Go to our SocialShopWave Admin panel and just enable Amazon Login.


Social Login buttons

Everybody loves beautiful buttons and here they are:
Beautiful social login buttons
So now you can choose what to display: social icons or buttons.
Btw, social buttons look really beautiful only if you enable 1-2 social services [tip].



View recent logins and insights for your site, compare social login channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc) and measure your conversions.

Social Login Insights



Ordering new cups of coffee and half dozen red bulls.
Wait for new updates…