4 cost-effective ways to drive new customers and sales

Nowadays, marketers have tons of tools to acquire new customers and grow businesses, but there is no doubt that the most cost-effective marketing channel is your own customers. Rewards and incentives are the things that you can give to customers to motivate them to share your brand across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email and to refer their friends to your site. Moreover, you earn your customers loyalty and they keep using your products and services.

Below I rounded up a list of four ways of rewarding that you can do on your Shopify site using our SocialShopWave app:

1. Share Purchases

Encourage your buyers to share their purchases with friends on social media and email. When the buyers’ friends see that their friend has shopped at your site, they’ll be more likely to shop there as well.
Reward your buyers for the sharing and offer a discount to their referrals.

Share Purchases


2. Share Reviews

If your customers are happy and leaving 5-star reviews, let everybody know about this – increase your brand’s social proof and visibility on social media.
As soon as the customer leaves a positive review, it popups and offers a reward for the review sharing.

Share Reviews


3. Share Site

The customer is going to leave your site or browsing products for some time and ready to make the next step for an offer, then display a beautiful sharing pop-up and offer a coupon code for the social sharing. It decreases the abandonment rate and increases your brand visibility on social media.

Social Sharing Popup


4. Share Products

Add nice and simple social sharing icons on your product page to make it easy for users to share the products. Moreover, boost the email and social sharing by offering rewards.

Social Sharing Icons


Well, it is time to try these awesome marketing tools to grow your business – Social Sharing app.

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If you have any questions or ideas how to drive more new sales, then feel free to leave your comments below.