April’s Release: New Members Section, Customizable Emails, & Multipass

Today, we are very excited to announce April’s improvements. We had many ideas and tasks to implement at this stage. So our team has been working hard on redesigning and adding more tools to Members section in our dashboard. Additionally, we have added a big change and worked through every automated emails’ design. Now you can edit all the email templates including all the widgets right from our dashboard.


New Members section

A completely updated section in the Admin panel allows you get the most valuable information about your customers’ preferences. Customers segmentation allows you to search members by their interests. Moreover, you can export data in CSV file to use in your campaigns. For example, you can go to a Members section and search users who added X product to their wishlists. You can select all of them or particular users and export their full names with email addresses.

Also, statistics of each customer shows you the items user recently purchased, added to wishlist, or viewed. So it helps you get more insights about every customer and run certain campaigns.




Customizable email templates

This time we finalized one of the most requested tools. Now you can fully manage a design of all email templates: edit HTML of all email templates including HTML of dynamic widgets.

An example of customizable email template


By default, you can edit templates via Visual Editor, but you can switch and edit HTML version of email with the help of a drop-down menu. A syntax of our templates is similar to Shopify Liquid with slight differences. So you must not experience any problems with it.

One more thing that worth mentioning is that we worked through all the automated emails and improved their design.




Multipass Login

For our Shopify Plus customers, we have implemented Multipass social login. Shopify developed multipass for store owners who have a separate website and a Shopify store. It redirects users from the website to the Shopify store and seamlessly logs them in with the same email address.

Our Social Login makes this process very easy, allowing visitors log in by one click. Now all the existing users that weren’t registered via our Social Login can log in via social media accounts without entering a password (without confirmation email) by one click.


Don’t have SocialShopWave on your Shopify site? Install it for free here.