August Roundup: Improved Reviews, Autoresponders, & Tagging Products

We are happy to announce that we have new updates for August. A new release includes changes in Reviews, Autoresponders, and Shoppable Galleries apps. We made it easy to launch email campaigns, filter reviews, and tag products in galleries.

Below you can see what we have been up to recently. If you have any questions, you are welcome to leave them below in comments section. We carefully read each of them.


Reviews app

The main widget of the Reviews app has been improved. Now customers can filter reviews by their ratings. They can easily select 5-star reviews or oppositely 1 star reviews to find out why others don’t like a certain product. As a result, make a better decision when selecting your products. Moreover, you can see that the app shows a bar with a percentage of reviews by lines. You can also see a total number of reviews with certain ratings.

review for shopify


The other great addition allows customers to see your replies to reviews on a separate reviews page.

review replies Shopify2


Also, considering all the requests, we have disabled profile links in reviews. If Community app is disabled, profile links won’t be activated. But if profile links in reviews are critical for you, you can contact us and we’ll add them back.



Now creating, running, and checking automated emails have been improved. All the changes have been made in our dashboard. Also, now it’s very easy to set up conditional emails. You can find all the options and select simply conditions in a dropdown list.

Now when switching to the auto responders section, you can see a list of created campaigns. Every campaign has additional control buttons (View stats, Active/Paused, and Edit icon):



View Stats section is divided into the following blocks:

Sent. A total number of sent emails, a date when it was last sent, and a percentage of bounced emails.

Opened. A total number of opened emails and a percentage of opened emails.

Clicks. A total number of clicks, new click, and a percentage of clicks from emails.

Revenue. A total amount of revenue from the campaign and how much extra earned from the last review of statistics.

Top links. Most clicked links from emails and the number of clicks.

Queue. It shows the queue of users to whom an email will be sent. You can delete users manually and search to find someone to whom you wouldn’t want to sent email.



Shoppable Instagram Galleries

A process of tagging products has been improved. You can search items by their handle. If you have products with similar titles, it will be much faster and more convenient to tag your products.

tagging instagram


If you would like to benefit from these updates, install the app and access other amazing apps in SocialShopWave.