How to create autoresponder in SocialShopWave

Autoresponder can be created in SocialShopWave Admin panel in several clicks: go to and choose Create Autoresponder section there.     Then choose necessary condition from the list. There several supported Activity Targeting in our app: – Customer has/has not purchased a certain product; – Customer has/has not purchased a product from collection; – Customer has/has

E-mail templates in SocialShopWave

Here i would like to tell you how to operate templates section in e-mail system. You can edit your e-mail templates very quickly by just entering admin panel, choosing e-mail section and then clicking on templates menu – So our system, by default, send e-mail notifications to the customers of your shop, e.g. if

E-mail Design in SocialShopWave

In this blog post  i would like to clarify the e-mail design and settings peculiarities. So you can easily change design of all your email campaigns and notification emails which are sent by SocialShopWave in our admin panel. All you need is just to sign in on then go to dashboard -> Emails ->