Release notes for February’s update

It’s been awhile since we last posted. As we promised, some more exciting things have been implemented. We remade concept of Wishlist and Comments app, added 3 series of automated emails, enhanced Instagram Photos app, and did some fixes for you and for everyone else. You all are awesome, we appreciate your feedback and reports so much. So here is a brief summary for easier digestion.


How to sell items in wishlists


As you noticed, recently, SocialShopWave started allowing visitors to add favorite items to wish list without forcing them to log in. Instead, when visitors try to leave your site the app asks them to leave email or register to save their wishlists. They can also click on “Save My Wishlist” button to save their wishlist.

When visitors log in to your site using any device, we restore wishlists. So visitors can continue a shopping process without interruption. Moreover, if you previously missed a chance to sell items in wishlists, now you can do it by sending automated emails. These emails are used by giants such as Amazon, Ebay, and by others. So we are happy to provide you with 3 series of emails:

1) “Save wishlist email” lets you send a list of items customers added to wishlist.

2) This email allows you to politely remind about customer’s favorite items.

3) The third time, you can make adjustments and remind again after a certain amount of time. You can even add a discount to encourage.

The app checks and manages emails so that customers don’t get the same emails, avoiding spam. At the same time, you can view all insights to test and adjust emails by making them more efficient.




New Comments


Comments app has been greatly improved, so you can start using this amazing app again. On the product page, visitors can comment, reply to comments, mention each other, ask questions, and share a feedback. In order to make the process engaging, the app sends notifications to visitors mentioned or participated in a discussion.

As promised, we made it possible to replace old comments in Shopify blog with our new comments. So your users can leave comments in blog posts without logging separately. It is enough to log in only once. Moreover, you can embed our comments on any page on your Shopify site.




Fully customizable email templates


In order to make email templates more flexible, we added the ability to change a layout of email templates. So you can completely change the look of each type of email. You can even make a separate design for invitation email and quite different back in stock emails that are important to increase the conversion from letters.


Many other enhancements:


– As you already know, SocialShopWave allows you to send automated emails to help you convert wish lists top sales. In “Back in stock” email campaign, we have added an option to indicate a minimum number of items when this type of email launches.

Instagram Photos app was improved to better display numbers of tagged products on the photos. Also, some enhancements in a photo viewer were implemented to make it more attractive and convenient for visitors.

– We’ve replaced “opens” to “unique opens” in reports for automated emails. We’d to reset some reports information but your old information is highlighted and located on the same Report section.


If you don’t have the app, install it for free and try many more features. You can cancel whenever you want.