How to grow your business using your own community?

The success story of BeardBrand reminds us the importance of a deep relationship with your community (How One Man Listened to His Community, Then Built a $40k Per Month Ecommerce Business in Under a Year). It inspires us and makes us re-think the way we interact with our customers. Do we do enough?


Traffic but NO Sales

Getting a new traffic and customers is not an easy challenge; it costs your time, efforts and money. So what about to take care of what you have? Value each visit and focus on getting more from your traffic, fight to convert a visitor into your customer, and don’t stop on this. Do more steps and convert a one-time shopper into a loyal customer who buys more and more often.

If you have a reasonable traffic then start working on conversions instead of trying to get more new visitors.


Build your own community around your online store

Why don’t they make a purchase or don’t convert into loyal customers? Let’s start from an example, you’re an owner of Hair Care products store. Each visitor may have doubts about the need for this purchase at this time or feel anxiety about the product’s quality, customer service, and so on.

You’re selling a unique products, love and take care of your customers. So why not use your secret arm, happy customers, to get more sales? Build your own community around your online store where you can educate your customers, achieve their trust, engage with them and build long-term relationships.

Your own community


Educate your customers

Educate your customers by providing articles, images and video guides about how to strengthen brittle and very damaged hair, how to create beautiful long-lasting curls and more using your products. Help them to relieve their doubts and choose the right product. Let your active customers participate and help you to generate content in the community: youtube videos, questions and answers and more.

Educate community


Social Proof

Social Proof Is The New Marketing” – writes Techcrunch.

Show product reviews, purchases, wish lists, product comments, and discussions into your own community stream on your online store. Let your community achieve your new visitors’ trust.

Social proof


Engage your customers

Be active, participate in discussions, answer the questions and listen to your customers’ feedback – let them know that their opinion is important for you. Take time for gamification by starting a simple competition: share a photo of your long-lasting curls using `Magic Curling Iron` and reward your winners with a small gift.

Build a deeper and stronger connection with your customers and it will pay back in a long term.


Build loyal customers community

`The Loyalty Effect` author Frederich Reichheld found that it is more profitable for a business to keep loyal customers rather than to always have to strive for new ones.

Loyal customers continue to choose your products when they have the opportunity and good reason to choose another brand. And what is more, they bring even more new customers from their social graph.


Don’t waste a time, start building your own community

Don’t wait until you lose your current visitors and customers start working on your community right now. It takes time and efforts to build your own community of loyal customers but it is worth it.

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It is time to use smart ways to grow your business.