January’s BIG release: updated Reviews, Wishlist & Sharing, tons of more enhancements

Hi everyone! We hope you had a great start to the New Year. We thank you a lot for your support in the last year. Now we are very glad to have you on board in 2018. Let’s make this year even better!

We were trying to impress you, so we have been working hard on a new update for the past 2 months. We have updated reviews app, added a campaign to gather emails, added new Masonry gallery, improved our dashboard, and made tons of other great changes. We have posted a brief summary of enhancements below.


New full-width layouts. Reviews widget that displayed on product pages has been changed. Now you have 2 options: Masonry and Listing. After embedding a new widget, you can easily switch between these 2 options here. Please contact us if you want to have this layout on your shop.

Reviews page. This page has been fully redesigned. Now you can see the page divided to Product reviews and Site reviews.

Featured reviews. A new button in the dashboard allows you to select the best reviews and display them first on all widgets and pages including review carousel. You only need to click on star icon to make it featured.

Reminder emails. Now you can remind about leaving a review to customers who received email but haven’t left a review yet. So sending reminders should increase your chances of gathering more reviews.

Search feature. Now your customers can find the review they are looking for. Another option they can find out the newest, highest, and lowest reviews. So customers can make the best decision based on reviews.

Admin area. We have redesigned a dashboard so that you could easily manage reviews: reply, delete, and make them featured. Also, now you can easily search by keywords needed information.

Photo Viewer. It’s been greatly improved to make it easy for customers to see how the product looks like in use. It will give a chance to visitors better evaluate a product and see whether it’s what they are looking for or not.


Sharing wishlists. One of the most requested features have been implemented. Now customers can share their wishlists without logging it.

Admin area. An updated analytics lets you see the most popular products. If your goal is a data analytics, this could be the most valuable tool for you.

Social Sharing

A campaign to capture emails. A new type of campaign that offers visitors to sign up for exclusive offers. A pop-up appears after a certain amount of time or on exit intent, asking to leave email for a discount. Those who leave email get a special discount. On the other hand, it helps you to gather emails for future promotions.

Admin area. An improved dashboard makes it easy to launch, edit, and see reports to see which campaigns are most effective.

Sharing Analytics. We have added a new section for statistics. Now you can see users who shared: name, to which social media channel shared, and the number who clicked the shared the link. Also, you can export those users if you would like to run marketing campaigns.

Other improvements

Instagram Photos. We have created a new layout called “Masonry”. We all know how a design affects conversions, so a new design will help you get higher view rates. As a result, give a positive impact on sales.

Autoresponders Reports. Now you can see email addresses of those to whom emails are going to be sent.


If you want these features to be implemented on your shop, hit the chat button on the right side, leave a comment, or use our contact form to reach our team.

And if you haven’t tried the app yet, install it for free to level up your shop.