July Release: Marketing Events API, speed optimization, feature improvements, & more

Hope you guys are enjoying summer and having an amazing time. Meanwhile, our team is working hard in non-stop mode and released a new update. We are happy to announce that we have integrated Shopify’s Marketing API, optimized loading speed of the app, improved our Reviews and Instagram Photos apps and did many other small fixes. Please check notes on this update below. If you have any questions, leave your comment below.


Marketing Events API

Recently, Shopify announced its Marketing Events API that allows merchants to easily see which channels or tools are winning so that you could build a better marketing strategy. We have decided to implement it so that you could see how SocialShopWave impacts your revenue. From now, Shopify will track all the orders from email campaigns sent from our app and sharing campaigns. You can see notifications on Shopify’s Admin area.

I would like to note that API covers only “Off-site” campaigns, so we have decided to release our analytics tool that will show all the metrics right from our dashboard. In the upcoming update, this solid tool will be released so you will be able to see how every feature impacted your revenue. 



Speed Optimization

As you already know, site’s loading speed is really important for user experience. So taking it into account, we are constantly working on the optimization of our app. In this update, we have significantly improved a loading speed of our features. We have reduced the number of JS files that are connected from our platform. From now, our scripts will generate different packages of JS files depending on enabled apps and these files will be loading via optimized CDN servers.


Reviews Filter

Now your customers can filter reviews by ratings. When clicking on a link that shows the number of reviews, customers can see ratings. So they can easily evaluate the product and make the right decision. A new feature is still in the process of further development. On the next update, we’ll release greatly improved version.

On the other hand, as a shop owner, you can filter reviews by star ratings in our dashboard.


Social Push

Social Push is one of the needed features to leverage social proof. It helps you display reviews on your social media pages. We have reworked its dashboard to make it very straightforward to set up and launch. Now you can easily configure posting reviews, its schedule, and delete reviews from a queue.



Instagram Photos

If it was impossible to move tags on the mobile devices, now you can easily do it. Moreover, if you have similar product names, now you can tag products in galleries by their handle.

Also, new design changes make it more convenient for customers to browse galleries and buy items right from the galleries.



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