June Release: reworked Instagram Photos, improved dashboard, minor fixes

Great news! Release for June is already here and I am happy to share the latest updates. In this built, a lot of work has been done on Instagram Photos app to improve its design and performance. Now you can engage customers through beautiful galleries and help them find favorite items. Also, we have done minor improvements in the dashboard and other fixes. Please check a summary of all enhancements below.


Instagram Photos

If you haven’t used this app, it’s time to showcase amazing photos. Now it’s much easier to create galleries and embed them anywhere on your site. The app automatically connects your account and creates a separate page. You can put the link to your bio, so customers can go to your Shopify site and shop right from beautiful Instagram galleries.


We all know how a design affects conversions, so a new design is intended to provide higher view rates. As a result, give a positive impact on sales.



Now slide and listing layouts also display tags on galleries. Now when hovering on photos customers will see numbers so they can buy items in the photos.

Analytics for photos has been improved so that you could easily find out which photos are most viewed. A great thing is that now it’s available to everyone.  


Dashboard Notifications

In order to make it easier to review statistics, notifications have been added. So from now, you can see all the metrics on the right-top of the dashboard.




Discounts for reviews

It has been simplified, so now it’s much easier to create a campaign to reward your customers for leaving reviews. It’s a great chance for you to generate more reviews for your site and products, at the same time encouraging customers for next purchases.


Customer tags

The app automatically adds **socialshopwave** tag to those customers who registered through our app and service from which a customer registered: **ssw-facebook**, **ssw-twitter**.

Now you can see which customers registered via SocialShopWave. And more important thing is that you can see which social media channel is working more efficiently. So you can target your audience better.


Reverting to original content

If you have deleted some piece of code when editing HTML of emails, we have added an option so that you could revert back to the original version.


reCAPTCHA for sharing Wishlist

In order to prevent spam, reCAPTCHA has been added for sharing wishlists via email. It must provide greater conversions for wishlists.


The last thing that worth mentioning is that our partners from Beeketing have written a complete tutorial how to sell online. It covers all the topics about eCommerce from
learning how to choose products to how to promote your store.


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  • Sounds goood Thank youuu : )))

    • Hi Yana,

      You are always welcome! The are more things to come. We’ll keep you updated 🙂

    • SocialShopWave

      Thank you too! We are glad to hear that you like this update. It really motivates us to work even harder 🙂

  • Ellie Rdz

    Great Improvements as always a really good and professional job!

    • SocialShopWave

      Thank you so much! More things to come, so stay tuned in 🙂