Stats in SocialShopWave autoresponder

SocialShopWave autoresponder provides option to monitor statistics. Stats section displays all the main statistics of your autoresponder. It shows how many recipients received your message, when your autoresponder was lastly sent. It also shows the percentage of messages that were opened, clicked, the revenue that you got when customer purchased any product using the links in message and messages that for any reason were not delivered – ”bounced”.

Statistics shows the very important part of your autoresponder’s capability – the conversion. So you can see there whether your autoresponder is effective and productive or not. On this basis, you can decide whether to stop your autoresponder or proceed sending.

Another part of stats section is ”Top Links Clicked” – shows you what links in your autoresponder are the most interesting for recipients.




Other options in our autoresponder are:  1.Edit option allows you to redact your autoresponder if you need to commit any change. 2. Pause. Our feature does not have ”delete” option. You can pause your autoresponder anytime you like and then start (activate) it all over again. The reason we did not implement ”delete” option is that all the statistics disappears after autoresponder deletion. 3. Replicate. This small option allows you to duplicate your existing autoresponder. This has done for convenience – to alleviate the process of new autoresponder creation and redaction.




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