May Roundup: Improved Admin panel, Extended users session, and more

I am thrilled to announce our May release for the app. The last few months we have been thinking about a usability of the app not only for customers but also for you guys.  With this in mind, we have fully reworked our Admin panel so that you could easily manage the app and have all the needed settings. We’ve extended a period of customers session timeout, added a new way to view the most popular items. search questions and replies by keywords, and more. Below you can see a brief summary for each app:


Social Login

Extended session of Social Login: a period of a session timeout has been extended. So your customers won’t have to login again if they visit your site several times in a day.

A new statistics section is much more informative that makes it easier to get needed insights on logged customers.




Now the app displays a name of the client who commented and the name of the item. A new design corrections make the Comments app a way more convenient to use.  



Now answered questions are colored. So you can immediately see to which questions you need to reply. Also, now you can search certain questions, replies, or items by keywords. So you don’t have to spend your time to write the same replies.



You have more flexible settings to manage who can add items to wishlists. You can allow guests to add to wishlist or make them authorize to be able to use wishlists.  

A new detailed analytics lets you see the most popular 12 products. And you can click to view more items that are added to whish lists most often.  



Social Reviews

We have redesigned it so that you could easily manage reviews: reply, hide, show, edit, and delete reviews. Also, now you can easily search by keywords needed information.


Social Sharing 

Now you’ll get updates on campaigns constantly (shares, clicks, revenue) so that you could easily find out which campaign is the most effective. You only need to click on “View report” button.



We have improved usability of the Admin panel. You can see all the activated and new apps and easily enable or disable them.


Variables in Email Editor

In order to make the editing HTML of email templates easier, a list of variables has been added. It can greatly help you see variables you can use to edit a certain email template.  


We hope you guys enjoy this update.  If you are one of the those who would like to start using the app, you can easily install it for free here.