Autoresponder feature for SocialShopWave!

What is autoresponder

Autoresponder or transactional e-mail is a peculiar type of message that is sent to the certain user according to the actions of this particular user. For instance, after a customer purchased iPhone, shop owner can create personalized message, asking a customer to purchase an iPhone case, so this message is autoresponder. This is a personal and directly addressed e-mail, unlike those e-mail campaigns where one common message is sent to all users. It must be noted that autoresponder is based on exact user behavior classification and analysis.


How to get started

SocialShopWave autoresponder is complete and easy in use solution to send personalized transactional emails to your users based on what they do:

– reward customers who spend $500 with discount code;
– offer cases to users who purchased smartphone but nothing from cases collection
– so on;

You can create autoresponders here –


Monitor  your  statistics

You can monitor and view statistics for your autoresponder to understand how efficiently it works. Read here about statistics –


Request Review After Purchase

Autoresponders can help you to resolve plenty of problems, one of such problems – to ask user to leave review on product after it’s purchase. It will help you to get much more reviews from customers. And we’ve already added this important for every shop autoresponder, moreover, it is available for all plans including free plan!




NOTE* Autoresponder feature is available starting from Professional plan and above.