Release notes for October’s BIG update

I am pleased to announce our October release for SocialShopWave. Social Login buttons have been redesigned and a new dropdown form was added to replace pop-up. We have also added several absolutely new features to Social Reviews app. A new amazing type of sharing campaign was added to help you get more social media visibility. Check out all these updates and how to use them below.


Social Login

A new dropdown form instead of a pop-up. If you think your customers are overwhelmed with pop-ups and site is overloaded, now you can switch to a new dropdown form. This is a new way of social login in the form of a dropdown. When clicking on Register now the app will redirect to a registration page. Previously, when customers wanted to add an item to wish list or leave a review, pop-up used to appear, asking to register/log in. Now it will simply scroll up and drop down will show up.


If you would like to switch to this form of Social Login, please let us know.


Improved Social Login Service buttons. A design of buttons and icons now look a way better than their were before if you noticed. They have been improved on the desktop version as well as on mobile devices.



Social Reviews

Review Replies (PRO). We took account all of your requests and added an opportunity for you to reply to reviews as a shop owner. Additionally, you can select Public mode (everyone will see it) or Private mode (only you and reviewer will see it). You can manage it straight in the Reviews section in Admin panel here. At the same time, customer will be automatically notified by e-mail about the reply.



Uploading images (PRO). Another most requested tool have been added. It allows the customers to upload one or several photos when leaving a review. So that’s another piece of social proof that will show that reviews are real and confirmed. If you are thinking of adding reviews, then you can upload photos attached to reviews in our Admin panel. Moreover, a photo viewer was implemented to make it simple for other visitors to view those photos. We are still working on improving to make it much more comfortable to use.



New Review Notifications. Now you will receive daily reports on new reviews. At the same time, if you receive a negative review, you will get notification immediately in order to resolve the issue. And of course, we won’t bother as you can simply unsubscribe anytime.


Social Sharing

A totally new type of sharing campaigns that allow sharing a product. This smart system calculates in which product customers are interested when they are on the site. After that, it gives a personalized offer that will more likely be used by the customer than just an ordinary offer given for everyone.  Later on, we will make a separate post that will explain with more details of how you can use it effectively.


Would you like to get these amazing tools? Install it for free and try many more features to improve conversion.