Reviews on Steroids for Shopify

You can benefit from reviews only if you can generate and show them to your potential buyers.

To help you succeed in it, we have developed a new app that we call “reviews on steroids”, and here is why:


Easily Collect More Reviews

Generate reviews where it is possible and easily collect them by every chance using SocialShopWave:

  • Collect reviews from your site. Generate more reviews right on your online store: site reviews, product page and separate page.
  • Mail After Purchase. We automatically send a review request email to your customers at the perfect time after their purchase.
  • Social Pull. Connect your business Facebook page and SocialShopWave will automatically collects reviews from social media for you.
  • Import Reviews. Easily import your existing reviews from everywhere: Shopify Reviews, Yotpo, Kudobuzz, Amazon, Yelp or offline.


Collect Reviews for Shopify store


Earn Trust With Reviews

Show reviews on Shopify store and social media where your customers are, earn their trust with reviews and drive more sales.

  • Reviews Widgets. Display reviews anywhere on your site using our widgets: homepage, collections, testimonials or on any other page.
  • Reviews Tab. Displays your product and site reviews at the sidebar on every page on your site.
  • Social Push. Publish positive reviews on your business pages on Facebook and Twitter, earn new customers trust and drive new sales.
  • SEO friendly. We add SEO-friendly review scores to your Google search results that can help you to get more clicks.
  • Verified Reviews. We automatically identify verified buyers and users, and display verified labels on reviews to increase customers trust.


Publish reviews on your Facebook page


Ready to rock?

Go to Social Reviews app page to learn more and try it for free.