Roundup: new dashboard, quick start for sharing app, Instagram analytics & more

I hope you had a great start of 2017. Our whole team is already working diligently to bring more ideas to implement. As you noticed we have re-designed our Admin panel to make managing process an easy task. Except changing the dashboard, some more cool things have been added. So I’d like to share these changes with you below.


New Admin Panel

A lot of effort has been put to make big changes in the Admin panel. It was done to make the app much easier to manage. Now SocialShopWave’s Admin panel is fresh, clean, and clear. So from now, you can manage all the processes better and have a complete supervision over the app.





Instagram analytics

A totally new analytics tool has been implemented to provide you with insights. Now you can track how many times photos were viewed, track adding products from a photo view pop-up, and track all orders that have been made through the app.

The main point that worth mentioning is that a generated data helps you see the best performing photos and make needed adjustments.




Easily tag products on Instagram & comment

Tagging products and adding image descriptions (comments) in the Admin panel has been greatly improved.




Quick launch of sharing campaigns

In order to help you get started using Sharing app, we have configured pre-filled settings for a quick launch. So if you decide to get started using Sharing app, you only need to activate the app and you will be set to launch your sharing campaigns.


Edit Reviews

The ability for the Admin to edit reviews has been requested lots of times. So if you find some sensitive information, low-quality photos or any other minor issues in a review, then you can edit them.





If you don’t have the app, you can easily INSTALL it for FREE to provide your customers with the best shopping experience.