September Roundup: truly shoppable galleries, WhatsApp sharing, and more

I’m excited to announce a new update for SocialShopWave. The last changes are a direct result of the feedback you, our awesome customers have given us. We added several new capabilities to InstaPhotos that makes tagging products, updating galleries faster and easier. Another enhancement includes a possibility for visitors to share your site or products via WhatsApp. Community feed has been optimized. The following is a short summary of changes for your convenience. I recommend you to review it.


InstaPhotos app

Shoppable Instagram. This change made to allow creating “truly shoppable” galleries. Now when opening photo with a tagged product in the Instagram Photos widget, customers will see “Add to cart” button. Clicking on it, they can directly add the item to the cart and buy the product immediately or go to the cart page, then purchase the item. So it covers a full process of adding a product variant to cart.




Tagging products. If you wanted to display the unique gallery on each product page, then in the past you had to link a product to the gallery and all the photos in that gallery would be shown on the product page. But now, only the photos in which the product is tagged, will be displayed on the product page.

Updating photos. I know that it was frustrating to wait for galleries to be automatically updated in 12 or 24 hours. Since most of you guys were claiming it inconvenient, we’ve changed it. From now, galleries will be updated automatically every 30 minutes on Professional, 60 minutes on Starter, and 24 hours on a Free plan. So you don’t have to update your galleries manually if you were doing it several times in a day. And if you want to update a feed from your account, I have a great surprise for you! Your feed will be updated instantly as soon as you post new photos on Instagram. You only need to connect your Instagram account in the Admin panel here.




Social Sharing app

We have added the opportunity for customers to share on WhatsApp that is used one billion people. It is already available to your customers who use mobile devices. By pressing on the icon they can share your site or product among contacts. So we made it easier for regular customers to share among their friends that respectively it could bring more traffic to your store. You only need to enable it here.




Community App

As we are still working on the optimization of the app our team has done solid work and notably improved a loading speed of Community Feed. I think you will definitely notice it.


If you have any questions or ideas for new features please leave it here or reply me back to share them since our team is already working on the next round of features for the app.


Thank you so much for taking your time and for using SocialShopWave.