September Roundup: Discount manager, new Notifications app, & tons of enhancements

Welcome to Autumn! I am happy to share the newest update with you. We are adding more tools and improving current ones that will help you sell more and make more money. On this update, we are delivering a new Notifications app, Discount manager, a detailed statistics tool in the admin area, and many other great enhancements. I have posted a brief summary below, so let’s take a look at this update closer. By the way, we greatly appreciate feedback you provide every day that makes the app even better.


Notifications App

A new app allows you to display real-time notifications and create a sense of busy store. If you are just growing your store, it is a great tool to increase engagement and conversion. Different from other apps, it helps you display not only purchases but also many other actions and campaigns to boost sales. It displays actions if someone:

  • Purchased
  • Added to Cart
  • Added to wishlist
  • Left a review
  • Joined
  • Commented

Moreover, it displays:

  • Most selling items
  • Products on sale
  • Low-stocked products
  • Current offers and rewards



A great thing is that you can easily manage which notification to show/hide, set up display/delay time, edit activity for last days/months, adjust a number of messages per page, edit every type of messages, and edit design of notification boxes (change a background, color of texts and links). Please enable this feature here and enjoy.


Discount Manager

A totally new tool to make it easy to create discounts within the app. You can find a new section to create discounts and see all the created discounts. It allows you not only create discounts, but also edit, delete, and add a description (%, $ or free shipping).

So now you can easily reward customers for signing up, leaving a review, or sharing (site, products, or purchases)

discount app shopify



Data is becoming essential for companies for more accurate targeting. This is why we are gathering data on customers activities so that you could make needed changes. As you noticed, our dashboard has changed. Now it displays a detailed statistics on Revenue, Reviews, Wishlists, Signups. You can see a rate in percentages. It allows you to clearly see data for 7 days, 1 month, and 3 months. Next to it, you can see tips how you can increase revenue and customer engagement.

admin area


Automatic Integration of Instagram galleries

A new feature greatly simplifies embedding a gallery to your homepage. Now you can select a section where you would like to display a gallery without having to wait for our support and move it between sections as you want. When creating a gallery our app automatically creates a section for Instagram. In “Customize Theme” section you can add a gallery and you can move it between sections depending on your preferences.

shoppable instagram


Sharing icons

A new campaign within Sharing app. Now you can add sharing icons on any page. The app will share only the page to which you‘ve embedded icons. As in other sharing campaigns, you can reward customers for sharing and encourage them to buy more.


Easier way to “Unsubscribe”

Now your customer can easier unsubscribe without any additional actions and subscribe only by clicking on Subscribe button.


Social Login – Webview problems

We’ve resolved a problem of logging in through the web-view. When customers open a site through non-standard browsers and try to login, they won’t experience any problems.


New review/question notifications

Now you will receive notifications on new reviews or questions to your email immediately after they are posted. If it feels too annoying, please let us know and we’ll bring back your settings so that the app would send a notification only once in a day.

Your support and feedback make us increase our commitment for even more amazing updates. Enjoy this update and let us know what you think in comments below. If you haven’t tried our app yet, install it for free and try even more features.