Review requests on a delivery and many other changes in March

Hooray! We are happy and proud to deliver updates for March. We are still working non-stop mode and improving current apps by adding more and more things. Now our Reviews app has become a way better. Your customers start getting review requests on time and can leave reviews right from the sent email. And some minor changes have been implemented in other apps. We hope you get more value from SocialShopWave with these updates.


Posting reviews right from email

Now your customers don’t have to click any other links, visit your site or any other places to leave a review. They can leave a review right from a received email. It’s minus one step for a customer to leave a review very easily. It’s a game changer feature for you guys as it significantly increases your chances of getting more reviews.




One more thing that worth mentioning is that if user’s email client doesn’t support sending reviews from email, then the app sends simple letter with a link as it was before.


Review requests on delivery

For a long time, sending review requests after the purchase has been a pain for you guys. Especially, when your customers have been receiving these email when the product wasn’t even delivered yet. Thanks to our partnership with ShippingEasy, your customers will start receiving review requests on time when the item is already delivered.


Hidden products’ reviews

If the product is already sold out and you have hidden it on your site, then please don’t worry. Reviews of this product will be still on your site. They will be displayed both on a review tab and on a separate page as site reviews.


More attractive Community

Improved design makes it much more attractive and convenient to use. Especially on mobile, now it looks a way better and takes less space than it used to. Now you can also customize to make it fit your brand.




Lastly, small changes in Wishlist app allows visitors to remove items from wishlist simply by clicking on x button instead of dragging it out. And we have improved a design of automated emails to make them more attractive and help you sell items in wishlists.


If you would like to benefit from these updates, install the app and access other amazing apps in SocialShopWave.