What’s new in our December update for SocialShopWave

Recently we’ve released a bunch of updates for SocialShopWave. Maybe you have already noticed some of them and maybe you are curious what kind of other changes we’ve made. Here there are:


Social Login

Redirect users after login to any wished page.

Redirect users after login



– Now you can display only the first letter of the user’s last name: “John S.” instead of “John Smith”.


Instagram Photos

– It automatically synchronizes likes, comments, and avatars for Instagram photos.



View the most popular products based on how many times they were added into wishlists.
– Who, what product and when added to their wishlists in our admin panel.
– New Insights section provides you a report about how your customers use wishlists.
– Added an option to display wishlists tab only when users interact with them, e.g.: users click on “Add to Wishlist” button/icon:
– Wishlists have been optimized for mobile devices, it displays wishlist icon on swiping from right to left.
– Added “Add to Cart” link into Wishlist tab.
– Added sharing a particular board (wishlist) instead of sharing all wishlists.

Popular products based on how many times they were added into wishlists


Check our updates and let us know your thoughts and ideas: support@socialshopwave.com